Dual Purpose Home Furnishings That Can Save You Big

There are many households that benefit from dual-purpose home furnishings. Many apartments in particular use dual-purpose home furnishing as a way to save space.

There are several types of dual-purpose furniture available.

While many of the products are designed with smaller homes in mind, there are also some larger pieces of furniture available for purchase.

In some situations, the larger the piece of furniture, the more purposes it can serve.

Due to the growing popularity of furniture that can serve multiple functions, the overall price of these types of products has decreased.

This is helpful for households that are on a budget, since it significantly decreases how much the household must spend on furniture.

In addition, because of the growing popularity, many of the products have become easier to assemble.

In some situations, it may even be possible for a particularly crafty household to build their own dual-purpose furniture.

Dual-Purpose Chairs

One piece of furniture that can take up a lot of space is chairs.

Households that frequently have guests over may have trouble figuring out where to store all of their chairs.

While folding chairs help overall with saving space, it is possible to save even more space by using dual-purpose chairs instead.

One example of a chair that serves two purposes is the Bookseat chair.

As the name suggests, the Bookseat is a curving chair that features a built-in bookcase.

The shelves on the bookcase are relatively small, but because there are so many shelves, it is easy to store a decent number of books.

Another variant of a dual-purpose chair is the Oven Chair.

The name is misleading, since the chair does not serve a second purpose as an oven.

When the chair is folded up, it resembles an old-fashioned oven, which acts as a large shelving unit.

The obvious downside of this chair is that it cannot function as a shelving unit when the chair is pulled out, so it is primarily recommended for homes that only have occasional guests.

A slightly larger dual-purpose chair is the Silla Guarda chair.

At a glance, these chairs are a singular unit, but the interior of the chair is actually made up of a separate seat.

Guests can simply slip the second chair out from under the shell of the first to get a second seat.

Built-in Storage Devices

Although it can be tricky to install, one of the most unique dual-purpose pieces of furniture is the staircase drawer.

Depending on the house, the staircase drawer can be very expensive to install, although anyone who is embarking on a home redesign can simplify the process by building the drawers into the stairs from the start.

A much simpler piece of dual-purpose furniture is the storage ottoman. These ottomans are built with a hollow center, so anyone in the household can simply take the top off and use the inside of the ottoman for storage.

These ottomans are popular for households with small children, since the ottomans are the perfect size for serving as toy bins.

There are many versions of coffee tables that have built-in storage. One of the more interesting examples is the Kai Table.

Nearly all of the pieces of the Kai Table are actually storage devices of varying sizes.

The one drawback of the Kai Table is that it does not have built-in extensions.

Tables with built-in extensions effectively act as multiple tables of varying levels, meaning a desk can also double as a dining table.

A simpler option for saving space with tables is to use stacking tables. These tables include multiple units that stack on top of each other.

Guests can take one of the tables as needed and simply stack them up together when they are done.

The only downside is that these tables do not vary in height, so they are more suited for anyone who needs a desk as opposed to a dining table.

When they are not being used as tables, the stacked tables function as a spacious shelving unit.

The BADA table is great for households that want a larger piece of dual-purpose furniture.

The BADA table is the size of a traditional dining table, but the center of the table can fold and morph into a comfortable love seat, with either ends of the table functioning as armrests.

The BADA table is especially useful for apartments, as many apartments have limited space for dining areas.

Dual-Purpose Beds

In terms of dual-purpose furniture, beds are probably the most popular. One common variant of the dual-purpose bed is the convertible chair bed.

This is a bendable bed that can easily be converted into a comfortable seat when it is not functioning as a bed.

Another variant of the dual-purpose bed is the ottoman guest bed. These beds are made up of a larger ottoman with a removable top.

Instead of being hollow like the storage ottomans, these contain a foldout bed.