Section 8 Housing Lists

Section 8 housing lists display local apartments and houses with low rent to beneficiaries who meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

The Section 8 house listings are properties approved by Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program beneficiaries to utilize benefits.

It is important for Section 8 house listings to be reviewed by potential beneficiaries so they choose homes that the program accepts.

Section 8 apartment listings are also provided by HUD and local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to ensure program beneficiaries are offered viable property options that will be approved for benefit use.

Homes included on the Section 8 rental housing list are inspected and approved by HUD and are known to meet the department’s strict structure and safety qualifications.

Analyzing the list of Section 8 houses is important for beneficiaries so they can choose homes that will suit their needs for the entire length of the leases.

To learn how to locate a list of Section 8 rentals , the qualifications homes must meet for HUD approval and how to read the listing details, review the below information.

HUD Qualifications for Section 8 Housing Lists

The Section 8 housing lists are properties that meet HUD standards and can be rented by beneficiaries while using HCV program benefits.

To make it on a Section 8 rental housing list, a home must meet certain sanitary, space, security and structure guidelines as set by HUD.

Qualifications for Section 8 house listings are strict because HUD wants to ensure all residents are living in suitable conditions when utilizing benefits through the housing assistance program.

For homes on the Section 8 rental housing list to continue to be included, it is the PHA’s responsibility to frequently inspect properties to ensure they continue to meet the program’s guidelines.

To be included on the Section 8 rental home list, a home must offer clean, functional and sanitary facilities that can be used in private.

Additionally, a listed Section 8 home cannot have any broken fixtures, faucet leaks or plumbing issues.

After reviewing the list of Section 8 homes , the potential tenant can decide if the quality and functionality of the facilities meet the family’s standards.

Section 8 house listings must also provide suitable and dedicated space for the tenant to prepare and store food in sanitary conditions.

For HUD approval, a Section 8 home must provide the usual kitchen equipment needed to prepare food including a stove and refrigerator, and all appliances must be in working order.

Section 8 apartment listings and home listings must also provide both hot and cold water throughout the home if tenants are using HCV program benefits or being offered low-rent benefits.

Proper trash disposal must also be offered to the tenant.

The list of Section 8 houses only includes homes that have space and security for tenants that have met HUD criteria and have been approved. Generally, Section 8 home listings include properties that can provide a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

To be considered an acceptable option for beneficiaries, the home must be able to provide at least one bedroom for every two persons planning to live there.

For security purposes, Section 8 house listings must also provide locks for all doors leading to the outside or to common areas as well as on all windows on the ground floor.

To review Section 8 rental housing list qualifications according to HUD, including the heating and cooling guidelines, download and review our informative online guide.

How to Find Section 8 House Listings

Potential beneficiaries who are looking for Section 8 house listings can contact HUD or the local PHA to review the specific process of obtaining housing.

Usually, the PHA will allow the HCV program beneficiary to locate a Section 8 rental house that he or she desires and have a PHA representative inspect the property to ensure it meets HUD standards.

After finding a suitable Section 8 house listing, the PHA completes the inspection and then the beneficiary agrees to lease terms with the landlord.

The landlord is offered HCV program vouchers upon passing inspection and the rest of the rent is the responsibility of the new tenant.

However, Section 8 apartment listings must be chosen from the list of acceptable apartments that participate in the program.

A list of Section 8 rentals for beneficiaries interested in receiving low-rent apartment assistance is available through HUD.

Beneficiaries interested in obtaining a Section 8 rental housing list for available apartments can contact HUD directly or the local PHA to locate apartment buildings that accept program benefits.

To review how to find a list of Section 8 rentals , download our free online guide.

Reading the Section 8 Rental Housing List Correctly

When reviewing Section 8 apartment listings, potential tenants will see a few vital pieces of information that can assist them in learning about availability, benefits accepted and apartments available.

The Section 8 housing lists offer information that includes:

  • The name and contact information of the management company.
  • The name and address of the apartment building or complex.
  • The type of benefit program accepted by the building.
  • The size of apartments available at the location.

The Section 8 house listings show how many bedrooms the apartments have so a potential tenant can select housing to fit the size of his or her family.

If a potential beneficiary finds a suitable list of Section 8 rentals, then he or she may contact the apartment building to inquire about the benefits available and to begin the process of applying for Section 8 housing.